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Ways To Spot  Fake Online Profiles

With the day-to-day Online dating experience, we can all be affirmative that presence of scammers has become a norm on the internet. If you’re registered for an online dating service, or simply looking for the best Latin dating sites, you’re likely to be messaged or approached by fake online users and everyone should be able to keep oneself away from the harmful scammers all over the internet. This has been made possible due to their ability to fake identity and lure someone into clicking malware links or disclosing  sensitive information or sending money.

Scammers may get to use or clone other people’s profiles to manipulate uninformed subjects all over the internet. 10% of the total online dating profiles are fake. If you dig deep-in you’ll come to realize that apparently, fake Online Dating profiles are not only more deceptive nowadays but also; look so real and legit. The following are ways to spot fake online dating profiles.

Too legitimate to be fake!

Scammers will always purposefully reach out to you possibly trying to :

  • Catfish to earn attention
  • Online -market, brand or create awareness of a certain product
  • Scam and earn money from unaware subjects.

Look out for fake qualities i.e. Red flags on the user’s profile

Number of photos

One or two pictures only in one’s timeline? This leaves quite a number of unanswered questions. However, the presence of generic photos is an additional factor that rest assures  that the user is using a fake account. From the number and nature of photos on a user’s profile, you can clearly tell if they’re really hiding something.

Stealing someone else’s picture and having it on your profile picture can be  ‘a piece of cake’ for the least exposed mobile or desktop user there will ever be; a Bot could do better! Beware, the two factors can lead you towards a bot or scammer in place for a ‘romance partner’. Keep off!

Empty social networks

Little or no activity on one’s profile can be a sign of someone trying to fake their identity. Such tricksters take advantage on online dating platforms to find weak prey. They use accounts with little to no information to reach out and scam other platform users.

Ways to spot fake online dating profiles – Examine the whole profile.

Whenever someone reaches out to you. Check their profile, you’ve confirmed they have photos, a bio and real social media profiles, however, have you checked the authenticity of these aspects?

Check the pictures, if they look stage-managed or extremely professional, they might be bought from online stock photos. Check for a generic bio that uses cliche statements.

Check out and analyze the photos, is that person faking a lifestyle? A fake person shall have a lot to brag about in the pictures and even bio.

Robotting and programmed messaging

Scammers target large audiences. Due to this reason, most scammers shall find a way to automate their messages. Automated and generic messages are easy to detect out of the poor grammar and other indicators like money promises and such.

Reverse Google Image search. 

Perform a google image search on a photo from the profile to see if the photo has ever been posted before by someone else on any social media accounts on Google

Suggest making Contact

Suggest a facetime or video calls with the other party. You can even go ahead plan a meet-up with them

Back away if they bring in excuses or refuse to come. However, do this with extra caution. Preferably, meet in a public place.

Linking to social media

Check out if they’ve included their social media pages on their profiles. If they linked theirs and photos mismatch, then probably you got a scammer in your inbox.

Ways to spot fake online dating profiles.

The above tips shall help you avoid online dating scammers. Once you identify a fake online profile, you can report to relevant authorities  They’re ruining the purpose of Dating sites and making them lose the unlimited connection possibilities they provide. Have a safe online dating experience.

How to Tell When Someone is Interested in a Relationship

Dating in the current times is soon going to be added to the list of one of the thousand ways to die before 50. If it’s not about a man who dated a girl for five years, only to discover later that she was finding comfort before her ex-boyfriend gained sanity, it’s about a girl who dated a man for 3 years only to find out that he had five other girlfriends under his ‘I love you’ network. Finding true love in modern society is more challenging than searching for a needle in a haystack. The odds of finding true love are as minimal as those of discovering the needle in grass hay. Single and searching for love but not sure how to tell when someone is interested in a relationship? Learn the basics here!

Comfortable and Relaxed in Public Places

The fun and easy way to tell if the person you call your boyfriend or girlfriend is interested in the relationship is to check their comfort and relaxation level when you are in public places. If your partner is not content with you, being with them in public places will always give him or her goosebumps. Dissatisfaction and discomfort when in public places tell the story of someone in disguise.

Comfortable With the Life You Live

A true girlfriend or boyfriend accepts you before they embark on the impossible journey of trying to change you. Of course, you’re not perfect, and a change may be imposed on you through advice and guidance, but it shouldn’t be the first objective soon after you meet with a lover. A genuine lover will accept you the way you are, stand by you, and work towards making the relationship stronger and better. Don’t let the love bonding tighten up if your lover doesn’t appreciate and accept you the way you are.

Listens to You

Love life is like a business. If communication fails, a relationship’s light is dimmed. If the person you call a lover doesn’t talk to you freely, it simply means that they aren’t comfortable being with you. Communication is an essential part of any fruitful relationship, and so, if someone only listens to the negatives of your stories and life, it simply means they are not ready for a lasting relationship. It will be good you give such people a break and allow them to rethink their love lives.

They Celebrate Your Success and Happy Moments

A nagging lover gets satisfaction from causing unnecessary fights and anxieties. Good love life is defined by the serenity of the moments you share. If your being together doesn’t trigger moments of happiness, you should give the relationship a break. Also, if your partner doesn’t feel comfortable and happy celebrating your successes, it’s only wise you let them be.


The pathway to identifying a lasting relationship soon after it begins isn’t so broad. You can’t just assume that you are in a good relationship because you found love. You must check out the signs we mentioned above to know if the person you’re dating is into the relationship for real or not.